The Corset Work

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Images Copyright © 2008 by Tamar Stone. All Rights Reserved.
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Interior Cover Corset and Book Cover front

Digital ink jet images/text printed on cotton twill fabric. Machine stitched cotton embroidered
    flower image and text.

Machine and hand stitched 18 fold-out pages with cotton trim.

Corset Width open: 11 1/2”

Page Height: 4 1/4”

Page Width:  4 1/2”

Click here: Exrcse2_DescpTxt102107.pdf
to download the complete text and specs


Digital ink jet title on cotton twill fabric.

Closed Outside Edge Length: 8”

Closed Outside Edge Width: 17 1/4”

Height Outside Edge: 1 3/4”

Health, Strength, Grace and Symmetry, Vol 2:

Develop to the Highest Degree of Attainable Perfection  © 2007

This is the second part of two books in a series dealing with the history of women, exercise and corsets. The first book, “Health, Strength, Grace and Symmetry, Vol. 1: Muscular Symmetry and Fine Condition…for the more athletic more balanced woman…” involves advertisements and images in the mid-to-late 19th century.

This project was built upon the images found in Bernarr MacFadden’s 1901 book, “The Power and Beauty of Superb Womanhood”. What starts out to be a book about women and health, showing various exercises for physical self-improvement, seem to shift gears (at least for whoever was expected to be reading this book) for the women became topless, although the exercises involved didn’t seem to involved that part of the body. This was extremely intriguing to me, since MacFadden was also the editor of a 1903 magazine I owned, “Beauty and Health,” where some of the corset advertisements in this project came from as well as some of the other exercising images.

With all the writings involving exercise, once society got past the debate whether or not women should be exercising at all (in fear that it would take away their strength needed to produce children), the underlying message seemed to say, that you will need to be in shape in order to ensure happiness, “Exercises for Developing Suppleness and Symmetry. The value of suppleness and symmetry in enhancing womanly beauty can hardly be emphasized too strongly…. Why should she not reduce herself to a weight which shall make her a symmetrical woman, and inasmuch as the only obstacle to her being a beautiful woman is her superfluous flesh.”

MacFadden leaves the reader with these final thoughts to mull over, “Who can estimate the value of Superb Womanhood? Without... the Beauty and Strength of Body which is part of this ideal condition, a woman is not woman.
If old age has not intervened, the proud consciousness of the attainment of Superb Womanhood may be realized.

Even though you are on the downward slope of life, your closing years may be rendered healthy and helpful.”

Box interior lined with Bertini paper

Interior Edge Length: 15 1/2”

Interior Edge Width: 6 1/2

Corset Front

Height: 6 1/2”

Width closed: 5 1/2

Machine stitched cotton/poly embroidered text.

Interior pages: Inside Cover back                                   Page 1, front

Interior pages: Page 6, back                                         Page 7, front

Interior pages: Page 8, back                                     

Page 10, front

Digital ink jet image/text on cotton twill fabric.

Corset Back

Antique quilted doll corset with hand-sewn button holes.

Vintage cotton shoelace.

Interior pages: Page 13, back                                Page 14, front

Interior pages: Page 17, back                                    Page 18, front

Book Cover front with pages opened

Length of 18 open pages: 46”

Page Height: 4 1/4”

Page Width:  4 1/2”

Inside lining with pages opened

Page 9, front

attaches to inside corset with 4 satin ribbons

Corset Lining

Digital ink jet printed pattern on cotton twill fabric, machine embroidered text.

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