Dolls on the Road  © 2007

Vol  1.  The Barbie and Ken series

Vol  2.  Baby Dolls and Others  

Soft cover iPhoto books. 8” x 5”, digital color printing on coated paper.

Current edition of 25, signed and numbered.

Vol 1.  19 double sided pages including covers.

Vol 2.  21 double sided pages including covers.

Being a fan of Polaroid cameras, I have an ongoing series utilizing them involving “various things
found along the road” which includes this doll series.

Although I never played with dolls growing up (and in fact I find it somewhat discomforting to have any intimate contact with them at all). However, I found myself drawn to them as I found them in various circumstances along my travels.

From the beloved and worshipped, to the abused and the abandoned, these Polaroid photos document dolls found at flea markets, county fairs, yard sales and doll shows in my travels from the 1990’s to the current day throughout the country.

These books show artifacts that have been discarded or outgrown by previous owners, now found in ironic environments with unchanged emotion, frequently naked and no longer playing with other toys.
By exploring the juxtaposition of these dolls, I believe questions are raised about what happens to our discarded toys of yesterday and the childhood memories that are associated with them. 

Vol. 1 of the doll books is the Barbie and Ken series. Vol. 2 contains baby and “other dolls.” The page backgrounds consist of local maps of the areas where the photos were taken as well as various shades of astro turf.

Both of these books are currently available for sale at Printed Matter in NYC:

The Paper Books

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