The Corset Work

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The Rational Corset Body  © 2002

Outside Cover Corset, vintage girdle

on old clothes hanger

Height: 16”

(28” including straps and garters)

Width closed:

8 1/2” top

7 1/2” bottom

Antique Doll Dress

Height: 10”

Width closed:

4 1/2” top,

7 1/2” bottom

Antique Doll Dress, interior

Width opened:

8 1/2” top,

14 1/2” bottom

Height: 4”

Width closed: 4”

Antique Doll Corset Vest

Width open: 7”

Blue Doll Corset Vest interior

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Images Copyright © 2006 by Tamar Stone.  All Rights Reserved.
No images may be reproduced without the expressed written permission of the artist.

This book was created around the text I found while researching corset history. The title of the book is an actual name of a corset and the inside text carries through the text from that original ad which says: “It carries the beauty of a lovely figure which is the priceless possession of girlhood…into the dignity and poise of gracious womanhood.” It continues on to let the viewer know to... “Co-ordinate your mind and body to create a picture of beauty.”


As an adolescent wearing the metal and leather Milwaukee brace – and now as an adult, still at times feeling the burden of carrying around all that “low self-esteem/brace induced image” – I actually could never envision myself as the young woman that these corset ads were speaking to. This is probably why today I have a fascination with all the prescriptive text telling me what I can become if I wear these body defining garments.


The text that ends this book, inside the doll corset vest* tells us that these corsets should be worn….”To prepare her body for the best possible carriage and figure – Defining, Confining, Refining.”


* historical note: There is much literature describing young girls and their dolls to the point where the doll clothing was training girls how to dress “ be the best possible women...” in the coming years.

Those stories are told in the corset vest books, To Ensure Grace and Causes of Female Influence.

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