The Bed Work

   Taking to Bed    © 2007

Antique wood doll bed with chicken wire mattress support: 12” (W) x 21” (L) x 13” (H)

Pillowcase front: (vintage white and pink trim cotton pillowcase) 8 1/2” (W) x 5” (L)

Antique Hand Tied Quilt: (vintage cotton sack cloth backing)  23” (W) x 21 1/2” (L)

Blanket folded over metal end of bed rail: (vintage off-white, blue, rose plaid cotton blanket) 
18” (W) x 23” (L)

Folded Blanket front: (antique doll quilt) 20 1/4” (W) x 20” (L)

Pillow front: (vintage stripped cotton ticking, hand stuffed with cotton batting)
7 1/2” (W) x 4 1/2” (L)

Pillowcase back

Women whose stories of sickness revolve around “taking to bed.”  From Charlotte Perkins Gillman’s feelings of her depression, and her doctor’s (S. Weir Mitchell) response “Neurasthenia in Women” eventually leading to her to write The Yellow Wallpaper.

There is also some encouragement for women to exercise from a woman writer who discusses the merits of using the bed as a way to strengthen oneself.

Click here: Take2Bed_TxtSpecs100807.pdf to download a PDF of the complete text and specs

Folded Blanket back

Blanket front: (vintage off-white cotton blanket) 26” (W) x 30” (L)

Quilt back

Pillow back

Top Sheet front: (vintage pink cotton sack cloth
with blue/white flowers)
19” (W) x 27” (L)

Blanket back

Mattress bottom side

Mattress bottom side detail

Bottom Sheet back detail

Bottom Sheet back

Bottom Sheet front: (vintage cotton sheet)
21 1/2” (W) x 29” (L)

Top Sheet back

Mattress top side: (vintage cotton ticking stuffed with cotton batting, hand tied)
11 1/2” (W) x 20 1/2” (L) x 2” (H)

Bottom Sheet back

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