Pages are 8 1/2” x 11”, B&W and color xerox on acetate and 36 lb. UVII vellum pages.

Covers are laminated card stock with embroidered title on orthopedic corset strap.

Edition of 26, 48 pages including covers.

In my 2nd book, I continued to use vellum and acetate pages in order to create both literal and
visual puns, allowing me to continue my exploration of feelings of isolation about wearing
my brace. In addition, I found it ironic as I was researching women's historical clothing, that many
objects that women came in contact with in their daily lives seem to echo specific shapes that returned again and again, i.e. the Osterizer blender has a similar shape to a corseted woman.

This book uses a combination of the objects in life, as well as texts, that were dictating to women how
they should behave publicly as well as privately, creating feelings of entrapment, isolation and doubt.

Click here:  to exert Descpt&Text.pdf to download the complete text   

to exert (as oneself) © 1999

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