The Bed Work

A Case of Confinement  © 2005

Click here: COC_TxtSpec020506.pdf to download a PDF of the complete text and specs

Vintage Metal Doll Bed:

10 1/2” (W) x

19” (L) x 10 1/2” (H)

at headboard

Pillow case front: (vintage green striped cotton/polyester bed sheet) 8” (W) x 4” (L)

Blanket: (vintage off-white/tan striped wool) 20” (W) x 23” (L)

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Bottom Sheet front: (vintage green cotton/polyester bed sheet) 18” (W) x 25” (L)

Top Sheet back side

Mattress “Cover” front: (brown paper bag) 10” (W) x 15 1/4” (L)

Bottom Sheet back side

Mattress top side: (antique flour bag cover, cotton ticking inside, hand stuffed with vintage feathers)

10 ” (W) x 18 1/2” (L) x 1 1/4” (H)

Mattress “Cover” back side

Mattress top side detail

Mattress and Pillow back side

Top Sheet front: (vintage green striped cotton/polyester bed sheet) 18 1/2” (W) x 25 1/2” (L)

Pillow front: (cotton ticking, hand stuffed with vintage feathers) 7 1/4” (W) x 3 1/2” (L)

Pillow case back

Blanket back side

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The first of two beds discussing the history of childbirth at home (the other is “Brought to Bed.”)

This bed contains advice from a mid-19th century medical book specifically aimed at the new field

of male doctors who were becoming involved in the traditional sphere of woman’s influence

working as a midwife, to stories from interviews of women who gave birth at home in the

mid-20th century.

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