The Corset Work

the untitled Pink Corset Book 
© 2000PinkCorsetBook.html
The Vital System, Good Sense,
Little Beauty  © 2000TheVitalSystem....html
The Rational Corset Body  
© 2002RationalCorsetBody.html
To Make Her Look Her Best © 2002_..tomakeherlookherbest....html
Childhood Comfort  © 2003ChildhoodComfort.html
Gracefulnes of Motion is Delightful.... © 2003GracefulnessofMotion....html
C is for Curvature   © 2005Curvatures.html
The Upholstered Cage  © 2005UpholsteredCage.html
What to Wear, Vol. 2  © 2006WhattoWearVol2.html
What to Wear,      Vol. 1  © 2004-5WhattoWearVol1..html

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Images Copyright © 2015 by Tamar Stone.  All Rights Reserved.
No images may be reproduced without the expressed written permission of the artist.

Descriptions of these pieces can be found on their individual pages.

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To Ensure Grace for Her  © 2006ToEnsureGrace.html
Society’s      Corset © 2007SocietysCorset.html
Causes of Female Influence   
© 2007CausesofFemaleInfluence.html
Health, Strength, Grace and Symmetry, Vol 2.    © 2007HealthGrace_Exer2.html
Health, Strength, Grace and Symmetry, Vol 1.    © 2007HealthGrace_Exer1.html
Individual Design Support  © 2008IndividualDesignSupport.html
Dress versus Woman (Plain Words for Plain People)
Vol I. Ornamental Young Ladies
Vol II.  Discipline and Duty  © 2010DressVsWoman.html
Mechanics of Beauty  © 2011-12MechanicsOfBeauty.html
Caution & Counsel  © 2012-14Caution%26Counsel.html
The Effect of the Whole  © 2012-15The_Effect_of_the_Whole.html