The Corset Work make her look her best
          (the White Corset Book)  © 2002

Click here: WCB DescrptLst+Txt.PDF to download the complete text and specs

Cover Title Bag, handmade cotton bag with antique lace trim, and

bone buttons

Height: 19” (26” with straps”)

Width: 9 1/2”

White (outside) Cover Corset, Antique corset

Height: 18” (24: with garters)

Width closed: 9” top, 16” bottom

Width opened: 20” top, 34” bottom

Antique Ferris Corset, with bone buttons

Height: 13 1/2” (30” with shoulder straps and garters)

Width closed: 10 1/2” top, 13” bottom

Width opened: 21” top, 26” bottom

Antique Quilted Vest Corset, with bone buttons

Height: 10 1/2” (16” with shoulder straps)

Width closed: 11”

Width opened: 18 3/4”

Bone button/loop attachments


Antique Quilted Vest Corset-back text, Antique Ferris Corset text and

inside text Antique White Cover Corset

Antique Pleated Doll Corset with plastic buttons

Height: 5 1/2” (8 1/2” with shoulder straps)

Width closed: 9 1/4”

Width opened: 18 3/4”

Antique Pleated Doll Corset with plastic buttons

Width opened: 18 3/4”

Antique “boned” Doll Corset (“Old Reliable Reducer”) back side

Height: 4”

Width opened: 6”

Detail,  inside text Antique Pleated Doll Corset and “boned” Doll Corset

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This book picks up the stories, descriptions and confessions that were started to be told in the untitled Pink Corset Book. These corsets are older  and more fragile and most have bone buttons as their closures. I wanted to create a way in which these corsets connect to one another by using the bone buttons. Each of the corsets now connect to the lining of the inside corset with a series of loops that loop over each of the buttons on the sides of the corsets.

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