your/my... insecurities are my limbs

© 1998

Each page is 8 1/2” x 5”, B&W xerox on acetate and 36 lb T-2000 vellum pages.

Edition of 100, 28 pages including covers.

This is my first artist book. I began to explore the relationship of the feelings I had of isolation while wearing my Milwaukee brace for spinal curvature (Scoliosis) while growing up. These feelings felt like "excess limbs" that I was carrying around with me, weighing me down both physically (like that metal
and leather brace) and psychologically (feeling trapped). I wanted to explore the different meanings of what is a “limb”?

By using translucent vellum and acetate papers I could overlay images and text creating new ideas and further dissecting the meaning of those limbs.

Click here: LIMB_BK_DESCPTTEXT.PDF to download the complete text

The Paper Books

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